Friday, August 29, 2008

Why people don't vote - August 29, 2008

What is the problem? There is a lack of a quorum of voters to do business.
A. Reasons for lack of quorum - Why people don't vote.
1. There is apparent apathy of the members when they are needed to vote. What is 'apathy'? It is a lack of interest or enthusiasm, indifference. Most of us need to be worked up about the issues and candidates in order to get engaged in the political process. One result: Candidates bribe voters under the guise of lowering assessments.
2. Voters feel "Why vote when my vote makes no difference."
3. There is entrenchment of incumbents who are indifferent to citizenry.
4. There isn't enough difference between the candidates to make make voting worthwhile.
5. Voters are uninformed about the issues.
6. Voters feel that candidates can't be trusted to do what they say.
7. Voters don't know enough about the candidates or issues to differentiate them.

B. What should be done about not getting a quorum to conduct business?
Who should do what needs to be done to get a quorum?
Should the quorum be reduced so that those voters who do want to vote can conduct the business of the community.

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